Disabled Parking

Unlike their able bodied peers, the disabled driver plans to park. Every trip ends in a parking space and that space must meet their needs. 

Baywatch aids your trip planning by providing real time guidance to suitable spaces and aids your council, through the provision of real usage data, in making sure that disabled parking spaces are both sufficient in number and availability.

Reduce the stress involved in locating suitable parking spots.  Reduce the amount of time wasted and exhaust fumes emitted when cruising streets looking for vacant spots.

How to have a positive parking experience?

The answer is as  as simple as 1-2-3

1. Select A Free Space

Select a vacant space using your CarPlaytm in car display. Select from a scrolling list or just tap a green pin!

Photo byCaspar Rae on Unsplash
2. Follow Your In Car Directions

Tap Go and follow the on screen and spoken directions!

 Photo by Max Titov on Unsplash
3. Et Voilá!

Arrive at your chosen space!