Keeping Traffic Moving

Baywatch  can monitor any space , anywhere, and provide real actionable data cost effectively and efficiently! 

From Entranceways to Clearways, from footpaths to taxi ranks, Baywatch provides real time information on occupancy, turnover and violations.

The answer is as  as simple as 1-2-3


Robust, proven, sensors that can be cost effectively deployed in minutes not days!

No need for external power and no need for expensive civil works. The sensors use leading 5G technology to relay data to the cloud in real time

Photo byCaspar Rae on Unsplash

Once deployed, sensors begin to relay real time information 24/7. Now you know, how many turnovers a space has per day. Now you know, how many customers are overstaying. Now you have real data from which to plan.

Now you know!

 Photo by Max Titov on Unsplash

Use the Baywatch Dashboard to monitor parking activity in real time, proactively responding to demand and abuse.

Now you know!